Connect your issues to the plan

Plans are important! It’s your way of getting from where you are to where you want to be. But it is also important to understand what the actual work is that comprises the activities in the plan. Now you can break down your plan activities into actionable issues. Use the connection to express for instance: 
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A controlled way of sharing specific versions of documents

Of course you want to put together a bunch of specific document versions and send them to a contractor or vendor and then keep working on the next version of the documents while maintaining a record of which version they got. Or maybe you need to make certain document versions public while the main document rests safe in the document structure. 
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Project control and audit trails: why file-sharing is not enough in Engineering

Lots of Engineering companies work in highly regulated industries. The need for accurate paperwork, traceability and accountability is Paramount. Access to the latest versions of documents is essential for all the members of the team, wherever they are located.However, where you have field offices, or staff members travelling around the[..]
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