A controlled way of sharing specific versions of documents

Of course you want to put together a bunch of specific document versions and send them to a contractor or vendor and then keep working on the next version of the documents while maintaining a record of which version they got. Or maybe you need to make certain document versions public while the main document rests safe in the document structure In Webforum we solve this by letting you make a Document set that can be shared with other users or external parties. Our customers use it to create baselines, send print orders, publish approved versions, and many other things. Over the last few months we have made a number of improvements to the document sets: 


  • The recipient can reply to the person who invites them to a document sets if they have any questions. 
  • A more complete audit trail and easier to read log makes sure you are in complete control of who have accessed which document in the set. 
  • A visual indication shows in the document set tha there is a later version of a document. If youown” the set, you can easily replace the document with the latest version. 
  • You can export the metadata for a document set. 
  • If you copy the link of a document in the document set, this link will go to the specific version in the set. 

Read more about document sets in our manual.