An overview of your teams' commitments

We see that more and more people are joining the movement for visual planning. When it is easy to see who is in charge of what and get reminded of your own commitments, you increase the chances of success and are in a good place to minimise the dreaded waste of nothing happening between meetings. The task boards represent a visual overview of work and how it flows across your work process. It becomes clear what work is finished, ongoing or hasn't even been started yet and you can comment, answer and follow up straight on the card for each task. 

The task boards work on small screens and big screens so you can just as easily follow up on site as bring them up on the big screen in a meeting.

With the February release, we introduce a new way of visualising the work. A timeline shows project tasks from all boards organised by week so that you can clearly see and discuss what is coming up soon and if where are any bottlenecks in the future. You can also see the tasks that have not yet been planned in time and discuss and set their deadline. Permissions from the boards are taken into account so that each user sees only the information that they can access. This is a great view to bring up on weekly status meetings and talk about what must happen before next week and if there are any impediments.