Better options for document deliveries

There are many different ways of uploading a batch of documents to Webforum: Uploading a zip and extracting it, drag and drop, or import of documents and metadata through the import function. In the July release, we make some improvements to these:

  • No more 250 character limit to the path length in the zip file. This will make many of our customers happy, especially when uploading a zip file that contains a full structure from e.g., iBinder or Projectplace. Previously, we were restricted by the technical limitations of 250 characters for the full file path. We have now found a way to work around this limitation which means all files should be included in the extraction, even if they have longer paths.
  • Administrators can import files even if they are locked. In order to make it easier to use the import, administrators can now choose to import and replace files even if these are locked in Webforum. You will still get a warning that they are locked but if you are an admin, you can choose to override this.