Decide who can use document templates

Document templates can be used when creating new documents in a project or the top level. It is a convenient way to share information between projects and to standardise your documentation. An administrator can just put the documents that serve as templates in the blue template folder in each project, or in documents on the workspace level for templates that should be shared for all projects on the workspace. It’s even possible to create further structure by using sub-folder under the templates folder.

However, some of the documents are for internal use only and we therefore introduce permissions for who can use the templates to create new documents. Now, only groups who have “read” or more on the template folder can use the template to create new documents. The default is that all users have read to the template folders and can create new documents from the templates.

This is how the templates are used:

You find the available templates when you go to add a new document

You can select from templates that are in template folders where you have read permission. Admins also have a link to manage the templates - adding, removing editing or structuring them in folders and setting up permissions.

Permissions to see and use the templates are set on the template folders or sub-folders