Don't delete the wrong document from issues

There are many ways a document can get into Webforum, but one of them is through an issue. Documents are attached to issues in two ways; You can either attach a document from your computer – in which case the file is added to the issue only – or you can attach it from the document archive – in which case a link is added to the issue and the file remains in the document archive. To make it clearer whether the file is in the document archive or in the issue only we now add a shortcut icon to files that are attached from the document archive in Webforum. This way you know whether what you delete from the issue is just a link, and the document is safe in the normal document structure or whether deleting the document from the issue will remove it permanently from Webforum.

Another clue is the arrow next to a document that is in the issue. This lets you copy the document into the document structure in Webforum.