Ensure quality and help your projects by setting up processes in advance

By setting up pre-defined structures and work processes in template projects, you can help your projects get started and ensure that everyone works according to established processes. You can, for instance, set up a folder structure with pre-defined roles and permissions. You can also create the issue lists that represent the most important structured work processes like Q&A or Deviations. In these issue lists we now include the issue posts that need to be in place from the start. You may, for instance, want to create a checklist for the project manager to go through in the start-up phase of the project to ensure nothing gets forgotten. Create a project that contains the structure you want and then go to Settings in the Admin module in this project and mark it as a template.  This project will now be a templte for creating new projects. Documents, Folders, Permissions, Project groups, Plan activities, Phases, Decision points, Issue lists, and Issue posts are copied from the template project to the newly created project.