Easier to work with Webforum

We want your work with Webforum to be as frictionless as possible. And that you have better things to do than scroll through lists to find the right person or choice. Therefore we constantly work with small improvements that make your daily work quicker and easier:
  • Smoother transitions when navigating between modules.
  • In the project's task list, you can now click in the list even when a detail pane is open.
  • Links in issue descriptions are clickable.
  • The status comment fields in the project details work like other text fields and expand when needed to make more text available.
  • When you add people to a document review in a project, we filter on project members for an easier and shorter list. 
  • The login banner is no longer shown on published document sets. 
  • On the Project tab the standard columns are set to:
    • Project
    • Project number
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Status
    • Project manager
    • Documents
  • When you select columns for an issue list you can only select fields that are relevant for the issue type of the list.