Product update March

Clearer navigation

With the March release we tweak the navigation to make it clearer and more consistent.
The following changes are made:

1. In the workspace view (overviews and workspace modules) the project selector kan be reached from the workspace name through a down arrow. This is more in line with the way the navigation works in projects.
2. In all views you can reach the workspace start page by clicking on the Webforum logo. This makes it easy and consistent to reach your favourite documents, todos, and other notifications from the workspace start page.
3. In the project view, the house logo will now take you to the project start page/overview. We feel that this is an easier representation for this page than the target icon that was there previously. To make room for this we move the expansion of the side menu to the bottom of the navigation (the arrow icon)

The new workspace navigation

And project navigation

Group abbreviations make the question matrix more intuitive

The matrix view of the question board shows all open questions at a glance to easily see where they pile up and bottlenecks may be created. The to and from groups in the question board are the project groups that have access to the board and they are also shown in the matrix view. The short name or abbreviation for each project group, that is used in the matrix, is generated automatically, and can now be changed by project admins to better reflect your nomenclature. Change the abbreviation in admin/project groups.