Project control and audit trails: why file-sharing is not enough in Engineering

Lots of Engineering companies work in highly regulated industries. The need for accurate paperwork, traceability and accountability is Paramount. Access to the latest versions of documents is essential for all the members of the team, wherever they are located.However, where you have field offices, or staff members travelling around the country, sharing such important information can be problematic – particularly if the master copies are held on a PC in head office, for example.


These were problems faced by ProHeat Systems Ltd, a company supplying preheating solutions to clients such as the large gas network suppliers.

They were using DropBox and Excel but needed a more efficient solution which could be accessed when required by their teams in the field.

Then their MD Stefan Romocki discovered Webforum, a cloud-based project management software solution, available anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.

Stefan explains: ‘We were previously using DropBox for our file management, which was just not suitable for our needs.  In addition we were tracking documents using an Excel spreadsheet.  ProHeat are an innovative company operating in a heavily regulated market which can be challenging, given the raft of documents generated when just one component is changed on a customer site, let alone taking into account new projects!’

‘Webforum more than met the challenge by providing their integrated online project and document management service, which we were able to deploy seamlessly and in a short time period.’

Stefan says that Webforum has made a colossal difference to their business, and made them more efficient.  Not only that, but the software is easy to adopt, is very flexible, logical and intuitive.  It also assists them with accountability – they know what document went where, when, and who approved it.  The whole process is transparent from start to finish.


If you’re a company wanting to improve your project management, read more in the case study about how Webforum helped ProHeat, or please visit the website for further details.