Saving your conversation drafts

Conversations on the project startpage present a great way of keeping everyone in the project up to date with what is going on and ensuring that no information is lost in individual emails. We know that many users spend quite a lot of time making sure that the information shared is correct and[..]
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Communications should be clear and easy

In order to simplify communication in the project we have a space on the project start page where everyone can talk about project related matters. Members who are mentioned in these conversations get email notifications and see the conversation on the Workspace start (if the "my mentions"-widget is active). The email notifications are now sent[..]
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Start widget for conversations

The possibility to communicate around a project and its work and documentation is crucial to the successful execution. Therefore, we have the possibility to have project conversations between members on the start page for the project. Now we also consolidate these conversations on the workspace start page - the first page that greets all users in[..]
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