Possible to set meta data on drag and drop

For a long time our customers who use meta data to structure large amounts of data have been frustrated that it was not possible to seamlessly upload documents through drag and drop and also set up the meta data at the same time. We now add the meta data screen to drag and drop upload through the plugin so now you can complete the upload in one[..]
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Meta data included in the versioning of documents

Meta data - or information about the file - is very important to structure large amounts of files. Many of our customers rely heavily on meta data that tells them things like: is this version approved?; which building/floor/department does the drawing describe?; does the protocol contain decisions?
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Use meta data to structure large amounts of documents

In order to add a clear structure to your documents it is good to use meta data. Meta data for a document can express what type of document it is (drawing, contract, template) or what property, unit, department it concerns. In complex projects, shared and consistent meta data is often as important as the content of the documents. We now make it[..]
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