Moving your work and your team online - top tips!

These are unprecedented times. At no point in history have so many been pushed into self-isolation, which creates challenges and opportunities. With so many people working from home, I thought I would share some of my top tips for virtual teams. I have worked with remote and virtual teams for more than ten years. There are many things to think[..]
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How do I work in projects with the new navigation?

Navigating to a project After you have logged in to Webforum, you typically end up on the Start page. From there, you easily reach your project by clicking on "select project" in the header. This will open a list of the projects you have recently accessed with the option of searching for any project. Clicking on a project name will take you to the[..]
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How do I use the new navigation on a workspace with no projects?

In the new navigation you find your modules in a red menu on the left.The modules are shown as icons. You can see when the icons represent by hovering your mouse on them. Or click on the "hamburger" at the top of the side menu to expand it and quickly scan down the list of modules.
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