Troubleshooting the Webforum Plugin

Frequent questions to our support concern the various problems that can arise when installing our add-on for seamless document management - Webforum plugin. There is usually an easy way of solving the problems. Here is a list of the most common problems and how they are addressed. First, some general information about the add-on. 
Can I install Webforum plugin even though I am not an administrator on my computer? 
Yes, installation of the add-on does not require administrative permissions on the computer. 
What browsers are compatible with the add-on? 
Microsoft Edge and Chrome on Windows. 
Why should I use the add-on? 
The add-on simplifies document management in Webforum in two ways: 
1. It allows you to easily edit documents stored in Webforum without having to download them to your computer.
2. With the add-on, you can drag and drop files and folder structures into Webforum from the desktop. 

Is the add-on required to successfully get value from Webforum? 
No, Webforum does not require the add-on, although it makes certain things easier (such as editing documents). We also have an integration with Office Online that gives the capability to edit documents directly in the browser from Webforum (Office 365 license required). Alternatively, you can always download the document to your computer, do the required edit, and then replace the original on Webforum.  
Where are the add-on files stored on my computer?
Application files:
Log files:
Downloaded documents:
General troubleshooting tips!
Errors that occur are often browser specific. Therefore, some of the tips below are for Edge, Chrome or Internet Explorer only. In these cases the browser that the problem is referred to is mentioned in the heading. 
During installation, the installer asks me to quit Edge, Chrome or IE but I have already closed them. 
Sometimes your browser windows are still running in the background without the application being visible. Launch the Task Manager on your computer and look for edge.exe, iexplore.exe or chrome.exe under the Details tab. Close all of these if they are visible in the list by right clicking and selecting End task. 
When I try to update Webforum plugin, the installer asks for a path to the webforumplugin.msi. 
This is because the installation file for the previous version of the plugin has been deleted from the computer or is not accessible for the installer. To fix this, you can use the following Microsoft software to first uninstall the old version.
After you have uninstalled the old version it should be possible to install the add-on in the standard way. 

I have installed the add-on for Chrome or Edge without errors but when I enter Webforum I am prompted to install the plugin again. When I re-install I get the repair option in the installation but it does not fix the problem. 
This is usually because the browser extension was not approved and enabled and therefore either is inactive in Chrome or Edge (check under extensions) or was never installed. Both of these errors are fixed by following this link and adding the extension from the store. 

For Chrome: 

For Edge:

If the extension is allowed please also check that native messaging is allowed for non admins.

I have the Webroot antivirus software and although I installed the add-on, it is not listed in the add-on list in Internet Explorer. 
Some versions of Webroot block the Webforum plugin. Therefore, make an exception for our add-on in Webroot.  
The Webforum plugin is listed under All add-ons in Internet Explorer but the service still does not recognize that it is installed. 
This may be because the add-on was not approved to run after installation. Click the Webforum add-on in the add-on list and then the More information link. In the dialog that opens there is a text box where the allowed URLs are filled in. Type * (asterisk) or in the box if it is not already there.  
The add-on is active in the list of add-ons, but the service still indicates that it needs to be installed when you are in the document archive with Internet Explorer. 
This may be because a feature in Internet Explorer called ActiveX Filtering is turned on. Disable this feature if this is the case in order to run the plugin. 
If none of the above helped, then try one the following options. 

  1. Uninstall the plugin, restart and reinstall it. 

  2. Install it as an administrator by (requires administrator privileges)... 
    • Download the MSI file. 

    • Start the Command Prompt as Administrator ("Run as Administrator") 

    • Run the MSI file from the command prompt. 

  3. Install the plugin for all users on the computer (requires administrator privileges) 

    • Run the installation with the following command:msiexec.exe / i webforumplugin.msi ALLUSERS=1
  4. Contact Webforum support.